What “Trads” Teach Their Young

We’ve long said that “trads” are focused primarily on the marketing and selling of property and have little expertise, experience or inclination for effective buyer advocacy.

What are “trads”? “Trads” are traditional-style real estate companies, agents or brokers that routinely represent both buyers and sellers at the same time. Most of the real estate companies and agents you are familiar with qualify as “trads”.

A training article was recently published in Realty Times® that is very effective at conveying the “trad” approach to buyer representation. (Realty Times® promotes itself as “…the leading Real Estate News site on the Internet…”)

The author, Walter Sanford, is a longtime and well respected traditional real estate practitioner and trainer (“…one of the most requested trainers in real estate…”).

Although the focus of the article (titled “When Do You Hire a Buyers Agent/Assistant?”) is about possible hiring strategies, it’s hard not to be impressed by the fact that as Mr. Sanford addresses, one after the other, the important factors relating to the subject, the quality of service or level of representation for buyers is not a major element or concern—in fact, it’s never even mentioned!

In this gentleman’s real estate world, buyers seem to represent little more than cargo to be “carted around”. e.g.“…Maintain buyer’s assistants and agents as salaried individuals and use them in the most labor intensive part of the buyer’s system, which is running the buyers around.”

One can only imagine the fate of “…class “B” and “C” buyers…” Yikes!

And some say there is no difference. Ha!


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