What “Trads” Teach Their Young, Part II

Walter Sanford, ace real estate trainer, is heard from again.

One of our sharp-eyed clients wrote recently to comment on another of Mr. Sanford’s training articles. (Please see our July 25, 2007 post in this blog “What Trads Teach Their Young” for a description of the other.) This training piece appears in a recent number of the magazine billing itself as “The Magazine for Real Estate Sales and Management”.

Mr. Sanford once again addresses himself to the thorny issue of how to cope effectively (read: profitably) with home buyers. The target audience is traditional real estate practitioners (“trads”).

Martha writes,

I thought “the hoop system” was a garment women wore under their skirts in the mid 19th century, but according to an article written by Walter Sanford in The Real Estate Professional entitled “How Deeply Should You Commit To Buyers In Your Real Estate Business Plan?”, it has nothing to do with fashion at all.
It is instead a series of hoops the dog-like buyers must jump through to deserve the attention of a busy real estate professional. Mr. Sanford lets us know that if and only if “…the buyer can make it through all the hoops, then they are motivated and worthy of the very best service that I can supply.”
Thanks for giving us your very best service even though we were not worthy.

Thank you, Martha for noticing “the difference”!


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