Although our firm never represents sellers or their property, we do pay attention to trends from the marketing/selling side of the profession because it affects our buyer-clients.

Everyone likes to tour a properly staged home because it is pleasant and comfortable. But from our point of view, staging alone is seldom enough. This recent article in Realty Times moves far beyond a quick coat of paint, de-cluttering and enlightened furniture placement to stage a home for viewing by buyers. And that a good thing.

A updated and well-maintained home is what we want for our clients. Some of the old ideas of preparing a home for sale by focusing on surface fixes and cosmetic enhancements (same witch—new dress) seem to be retreating in the face of the powerful buyer’s market that has gripped so many areas. Author Al Heavens discusses ways of actually improving the product instead of simply dressing it up.

We would like to think that this represents a permanent trend driven by changing business or cultural values rather than a temporary market-driven fad. But we doubt it.

Once this current market cycle has ended…well…who knows for sure? We will keep reminding our clients to remember that a witch in a new dress is still a witch.


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