What the Heck is eSORN?

eSORN is the electronic sex offender registration and notification web site for the State of Ohio. Attorney General Mark Dann has implemented one of the most advanced and effective web sites in the country to deal with sex offender notification.

Most states have an antiquated patchwork system (mailing postcards) to notify the public of sex offenders in their community. The eSORN database is one of the first systems in the country to link all of the state’s county sheriff’s offices and correctional facilities records offices together.

The eSORN web site is easy to use and provides great information to the public. Some of the great benefits of the new system are:

  • Email Alert: you can quickly sign up to be notified via email if any sex offender moves into your community (within one mile).*
  • County Sheriff Offices: “one click” access to contact your local county sheriff to obtain more
    information or to submit a tip/sex offender.
  • Instant Offender Search: you can instantly search to see which sex offenders currently live in
    your community. A great map tool.**
  • Most Wanted List: View a list of the state’s most wanted sex offenders.

Everyone should check out the new eSORN system today, especially if you are thinking about buying a new home.

*To ensure that you receive email notifications please place notifications@icrimewatch.net in your address book and adjust your bulk or junk mail settings.**make sure any “pop up” blocking utility programs are turned off.


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