National Radon Action Month

You don’ t believe it, do you? A colorless, odorless, radioactive gas seeping into your home causing lung cancer in non-smokers? Pul-eeez!

Well, the EPA believes it and has designated January as National Radon Action Month to raise awareness in our doubting population.

The Surgeon General’s Office has also weighed in.

All you need to do is do a web search for radon…or have a look at my last post about it. You’ll find out everything you need to know to justify action on your part.

Here’s one example.

Central Ohio is in the middle of a high risk zone for radon. If you or your kids hang out in the basement (or if you are a smoker) your risk is elevated dramatically. 

So have your home tested by a professional, or test it yourself. Contact the Ohio Department of Health Radon Program (1-800-523-4439) for information on where to obtain low cost radon test kits.

When you get the results, DO something about it!


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